3/5/21 White Lake School District COVID-19 Dashboard

UPDATE: October 8, 2020

In the spirit of open communication with our community and school, we will be launching a "COVID-19 Dashboard" similar to some other districts in our state. We will report total numbers of reported positive cases in our elementary school and our middle/high school. It will be further broken down to indicate number of individuals who are quarantined.

Our first release of this dashboard will be Friday, October 9th. We appreciate any feedback on the usefulness of this information. We want to make sure it is easy to understand.

From the Foundation on Rural Housing -

Reimbursement on Educational Expenses and Internet Assistance

The Foundation for Rural Housing is a nonprofit that helps to prevent homelessness. They have a program right now that is for reimbursement of supplement educational expenses. This program is designed to prevent, prepare, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified applicants can receive reimbursement up to $300 for supplemental educational expenses. You must provide them with receipts of the expenses. To qualify for this program you must be at or below 150% of FPL. Typically, if your child qualifies for the free lunch program you will qualify for our program. Examples of qualified expenses are masks, hand sanitizer, internet charges, electronic devices, paper, printer ink, printer and school supplies/clothes if you indicate you have other out-of-pocket expenses that have made it more difficult to purchase school related items.

In addition, this organization has a program called HomeNet. If you need internet at home and cannot afford the services for your middle/high school students, please give them a call at (608) 238-3448 or email You can find all of their assistance program information at

COVID-19 Health Screening Checklist for CHILDREN

Screening Checklist.pdf
White Lake Reopening plan-2020-21

Update: 6/22/2020

Just this morning, DPI issued Education Forward guidelines for the reopening of schools this fall. The School District of White Lake is working through the document and will be asking for parent input before making a final decision on how to proceed. We continue to work with our County Health Department and the other schools in our county to make the best decisions for students. There are many scenarios that will be talked about and looked at, but as we have seen over and over again the past few months, this situation will continue to change. We remain committed to building and maintaining an educational system that allows for delivery of instruction to best cover any needs as well as provide for family choice as we head into the fall of 2020 and beyond. Our planning will blend common sense and reasonable mitigation strategies related to COVID 19. We will work to communicate our plans completely and thoroughly as we draw closer to September of 2020. We will communicate much more as the summer moves on and are planning to survey parents in July as to their feelings and needs for the fall. This information will be blended into our decision making process and a formal plan will be released the final week of July.


The most recent decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to change the extended Safer at Home Order does not change that schools are to remain closed. We will continue to provide meals and instruction to students as planned.

We remain committed to student safety. The School District of White Lake will work closely with the Langlade County Health Department to make decisions about Summer School and Graduation.

Update 5/8/2020

We will soon have information available for credit recovery as a summer school option for 9-12th graders. This will include middle school Health class options. Once we have more guidance from the Department of Health and Governor’s Office, we will plan for summer school options for students in grades K-8.

Update 5/1/2020

Seniors will be meeting next week to make decisions about graduation and scholarships. Caps and gowns will be available to pick up beginning May 11th, 2020. Please call the office to schedule a pick up time.

Langlade County EDC put together a web page with consolidated community information and resources regarding COVID-19.This page links important resources like Langlade County Emergency Management, Langlade County Health Services, and Aspirus Langlade Hospital to provide the most up-to-date information. Click here for the link.

If you have questions about self-quarantine recommendations, please contact the Langlade County Health Department. If you or your family have traveled to an area under a travel advisory indicated by the CDC, please inform the school district before entering the school building.


New Community Resource

We’re really grateful to all of the districts working so hard to continue serving families during this difficult time. We’re equally as committed and were hopeful you’d share with staff and parents a few resources that may help during this time.

This week we launched our online COVID-19 Community Resource. The resource is free to anyone in the community. To access it, there is a simple web based form we ask folks to fill out and then our COVID-19 response team will respond to your questions or assist you via phone or email. Some things we can help with via this resource include health insurance enrollment, social supports, answering COVID-19 questions, and connecting to our care team (including a brief consult with a Behavioral Health provider). To learn more or access the form visit:

We’ve also expanded our virtual visit opportunities to include most of our services. Virtual visits are an option for new and existing patients and can be done via phone, tablet or your computer. We accept most insurances, including Forward Health and have a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. We can also help you sign up for insurance. If you or someone you know needs care, you can learn more about these services here:

Update 4/24/2020

Parents: Please watch for an explanation of grading procedures for the 4th quarter. We will be mailing these as well as providing them in work packets that are distributed on Monday, April 27th.


Parents: Each teacher has specific office hours posted, but please reach out to them at any time during regular business hours (7:30-3:30). If they are unable to answer at that time, please leave a message and a convenient time to call you back. We are here to support you and your child in this process.

White Lake School District will be closed until the end of the school year as per the extension of the Safer At Home Order from the Governor on April 16. See further information below.

Update 4/17/20

In following Governor Evers recent Safer at Home Order update, school will remain closed for the 2019-2020 school year. We will continue to provide meals for students for the remainder of the school year, with the final distribution date of May 26th. The final distribution of learning materials will be May 18th and should be returned no later than May 29th, our regularly scheduled final day of school for the 2019-2020 school year. Please schedule times to pick up any personal belongings from lockers and classrooms.

The White Lake School District is committed to holding a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. The date is yet to be determined. Please check back for updates.

We are thankful to have such amazing students, staff, and supportive community members during this time of uncertainty. Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes.

We appreciate the feedback you have been providing about the homework in the Instructional Feedback Survey. We want to reassure families that we understand what you are experiencing and do not want the learning activities to create extra stress for you. Please complete what you can and reach out to your child’s teachers for support. We will all get through this together!

Only the personnel essential to the operation of the district, including food service, custodial, and educational staff will be in the building. Staff who are required to perform work in the building will be staggered to the greatest extent possible and will be required to maintain social distancing guidelines.

Wifi access is available outside our school building in the parking lots. You can connect to WLS Public to gain access.

Link to White Lake Teacher Contact Information (Click here)

We want to make sure we are meeting the needs of students during this extended closure. Please give us feedback to help us accomplish that goal. Instructional Feedback Survey.

As of week April 20 as a district we are doing the weekly homework pick up with a weeks’ worth of meals on Mondays. This is to help limit exposure for our families and staff.

The meals and homework pick up times will be from 9-2, as this is when the school is open. If you are unable to come to the school on Mondays at this time, please contact us to make other arrangements.

We request that if you would like meal assistance for your children, the district has one weeks’ notice.

If your student is a senior and you have specific concerns regarding scholarships or credits, please reach out to Ms. Woiak. Contact her via Email: or Facebook: @mswoiak.

Again, we appreciate your continued support. In the meantime here are some helpful websites for online learning and practice. Online resources

Learning During COVID-19

Learning Every day, Everywhere


Distance/Home Learning Packets and Strategies for Special Education (Click Here)

As more information becomes available, we will update any open hours for the District.


Educational Programming Announcement

PBS Wisconsin, Milwaukee PBS, and DPI have partnered to support at-home learning for students and families by broadcasting a new weekday television schedule of programming with digital resources that connect to Wisconsin’s state academic standards.

Beginning Monday, March 30, PBS Wisconsin will dedicate the 5 a.m.-5 p.m. daytime weekday schedule on The Wisconsin Channel, or PBS Wisconsin-2, and Milwaukee PBS will dedicate the 7 a.m.-5 p.m. daytime weekday schedule on WMVT 36.1 to educational programming including specific blocks of time for pre-K through 12th grade levels and covers subjects, including English language arts, social studies, science, and math.

The special broadcast schedule will also be available to stream online at along with corresponding free digital content for at-home learning and support for teachers. Also, Milwaukee PBS is hosting free digital resources for at-home learning at


To assist in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, the School District of White Lake will screen potential visitors to the school during the closure. This decision was made with guidance from our local health department.

The screening will consist of a form to be completed by a potential visitor including information about any symptoms, exposure, and travel to areas identified as “community spread” (counties) (states) by the CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health.

If the individual has traveled to any of the "community spread" (counties) (states) areas in the past 14 days, they will not be allowed in the school building. Also, if they have been exposed to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 or exhibit any symptoms including cough or fever, they will not be allowed to enter.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Together we can help to slow the spread of this virus and keep our communities healthy.

Similar to many districts in our area, we will be providing breakfast and lunch starting Monday, March 23rd throughout the closure.

Update 3/20/20:

Families will be able to pick up meals at the school beginning March 23rd. The breakfasts and lunches will be provided on Monday-Friday for the duration of the mandated school closure. Meals can be picked up at the school office entrance from 9:00AM-10:00AM. See the link below for a learning survey for each family to fill out. This survey will help our staff to fulfill your child’s educational needs off site. We will have paper copies of the survey available when food is picked up. Please contact the school office with any questions that you may have (715) 882-2361.

If your child has any personal belongings or band instruments that they did not take at the time of the school closure, please mention it when you pick up meals so we can arrange for a time for you to collect those items.


White Lake School staff is working this week to sanitize our entire building along with working diligently to make plans for student learning during this time of uncertainty. Please complete the survey for families (link above) that will help us to determine how to provide educational services to students if the closure lasts beyond April 6th. Please give us any suggestions that you may have. Additionally, students can pick up their band instruments or other personal belongings by checking into the school office during office hours. We appreciate your continued support. In the meantime here are some helpful websites for online learning and practice. Online resources

Distance/Home Learning Packets and Strategies for Special Education (Click Here)

We encourage our students, staff and families to be mindful of key preventive measures for any illness. The CDC offers some tips on its website that can be useful in avoiding the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses., Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Department of Public Instruction

The White Lake School is restricting access to the school district beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 through the mandated closure. This means that visitors and volunteers will not be allowed in the school. Also, none of our staff or students will be attending events outside of the district during school hours.

There will be no Open Gyms from now through the mandated closure. This also includes use of the fitness center as an organized group. As a member of WIAA our district will adhere to the following requirements and any additional information as provided (

  • Schools and/or coaches may not bring students together during this time period for extracurricular or athletic purposes such as practices or other instructional/organizational purposes.

  • Schools and/or coaches may not be involved with students during their time period to provide instruction for practice purposes

  • Coaches may provide individual workouts virtually, but shall not encourage or organize their team assembling to practice.

During the school closure, the district will not require students to participate in online learning. The District does not currently maintain or manage a formal online learning platform and will not be in a position to do so for the near future. The Department of Public Instruction has strict parameters related to online/virtual programming and the infrastructure required for these remote minutes to count. However, a list of online resources will be posted on our Facebook page and website student page, if students would like to continue utilizing these options.

The School District of White Lake is cancelling all meetings scheduled to be held within the school building effective Tuesday, March 24th until further notice. Please contact the district if you have any questions about a planned meeting. Future meetings may also be cancelled, but will be determined at a later date.

Information from our WIAA NLC conference commissioner can be found on the Athletic page.