COVID-19 Information


To access the testing clinic you will need to use Center Street, and pull up to the front of the shed. The staff has requested that you walk up and knock on the door, so they know you are there. There is a sign on the door that you can scan to get the registration process started. If you need assistance with registering, clinic staff can help you. Once you are finished, you can turn around and then exit onto Center Street. For the safety of our recess/gym class students, we ask that you do NOT drive across the parking lot to enter or exit onto School Street. The clinic will be open Monday-Thursday, from 7AM-4PM.

When registering with the COVID Clinic online, White Lake will not show up because it is a Private Testing Site. Select "Private Testing Site" button above Location Map when prompted to receive your registration QR Code.

***Update 08/01/2022: As of August 1st, the Covid Testing Clinic will be closed until further notice.


COVID-19: Wisconsin Summary Data | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Protocols for close contact can be found on pg 34 of the booklet (pg 37 of the document) located at this link: Wisconsin Department of Health Services

For the most up to date information for our area, please visit the Langlade County Health Department Facebook page


If you have questions about self-quarantine recommendations, please contact the Langlade County Health Department. If you or your family have traveled to an area under a travel advisory indicated by the CDC, please inform the School District before entering the school building.


Returning to School After Covid-19: Information for Parents and Guardians put out by the DPI. (click to view the document)

A Focus on Mental Health and Wellness During School Closures

Reimbursement on Educational Expenses and Internet Assistance

The Foundation for Rural Housing is a nonprofit that helps to prevent homelessness. They have a program right now that is for reimbursement of supplement educational expenses. This program is designed to prevent, prepare, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified applicants can receive reimbursement up to $300 for supplemental educational expenses. You must provide them with receipts of the expenses. To qualify for this program you must be at or below 150% of FPL. Typically, if your child qualifies for the free lunch program you will qualify for our program. Examples of qualified expenses are masks, hand sanitizer, internet charges, electronic devices, paper, printer ink, printer and school supplies/clothes if you indicate you have other out-of-pocket expenses that have made it more difficult to purchase school related items.

In addition, this organization has a program called HomeNet. If you need internet at home and cannot afford the services for your middle/high school students, please give them a call at (608) 238-3448 or email You can find all of their assistance program information at