We will be running a concessions stand for the 2017 Packer Season!

The stand will be smaller, we will need 10 volunteers each game; 5 adults and 5 workers at least 16 years old. We are also looking for those individuals that are willing to step up and take the "Lead" position at several games. Training is needed for "Leaders" and for volunteers.

Lead training must be completed at Lambeau. There are two dates at present; May 30th and June 28th.

Volunteers must complete on-line training. Opportunities will be available at school during Summer School June 5, 6, 12, and 13. It can also be completed at home through the attached link. Packer Concessions Online Training

Packer Game Schedule

THE CREW - December 13th, 2015, against the Cowboys! Brats Sold 1,111!

Organizations that have raised money through Packer Concessions:

  • Fitness Center Equipment
  • Playground Equipment
  • Boys Basketball
  • Tables for the Concessions area
  • Softball Field
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Classes and Classrooms (Kdg, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Sophmores Juniors, Seniors)
  • PBIS
  • Yearbook
  • Boy Scouts
  • Booster Club
  • Band Trip
  • Forensics
  • Costa Rica Trip
  • Delaware North Appreciation Event, February 9th, 2016!

    Organizations and Community Members of the White Lake School District:

    Last season we had a larger stand at Lambeau to earn money toward many organizations' causes. We earned over $35,000; over $27,000 for the organizations in the District and over $8,000 for community organizations and a neighboring school district. .


    We had the opportunity to work the first 3 preseason games of the 2016 Packer Season. We were in a new stand for those games, 340 on the 3rd level. This is a Pack-n-Cheese/Going Deep Pizza. With this stand we needed a minimum of 18 volunteers for each event, with at least 12 of those volunteers over 18 years of age. We had trouble getting enough volunteers to work these first games. Therefore, we decided to take a year off. Hopefully those that have dedicated their time in the past, will step forward next season to give it a try again!

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Cathy Lundgren,, 715-850-1798

    Glenda Boldig,, 715-573-2317

    OR Amy Peters in the school office: 715-882-2361