Wisconsin Colleges and Universities

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin has thirteen campuses throughout Wisconsin. Below are some links to sites related to the University of Wisconsin, and a list of the thirteen campuses, with links to each of their web sites.

University of Wisconsin System Guide

The University of Wisconsin's System Administration Offices web site provides valuable information on it's universities' entrance requirements, individual campuses, costs, college majors and financial aid.


Higher Education Location Program is a part of the University of Wisconsin program that assists students and parents understand the University of Wisconsin system, and also provides information regarding admissions, paying for college, choosing a major, and otherwise gearing up for college.


Below is a list of the University of Wisconsin's campuses and links to their web sites.

Wisconsin Technical College System

The Wisconsin Technical College System (non-flash version) is a system of technical colleges in Wisconsin and provides students and parents with information for and help with technical colleges, including what fields of study there are, what the benefits of a technical college are, how much it will cost, and how to apply for college.