White Lake High School Career Center

Welcome to the White Lake School career center. It's for students, parents, and also faculty to use to find career, college, job, financial aid and scholarship information.

  • Scholarships are updated as Ms. Stratton gets new information from the scholarship donors. This updating process¬†begins in January and continues through the spring semester.
  • Note: some scholarships have the same due date every year regardless of the day of the week. If the due date falls on a weekend, the applications are due in the guidance office the weekday before the due date.
  • Keep this in mind for scholarships that are due to places other than the guidance office; if they want them "received by" a certain date, you will need to account for postal mail delays, so plan ahead!
  • All scholarships are expected to have a cover page and a "report cover" which can be purchased in the guidance office for 25 cents each (all proceeds go to the Humane Society).
  • To receive important information about scholarships, be sure you are on the Seniors Remind 101 list.

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